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About the Artist

The Gathering Spring.jpg

Deborah Elville was born in St. Mary's, Maryland in 1961. Her works of realism are brought to life in her love of nature, she feels such happiness in bringing the peace and beauty of birds and other animals, flowers, seascapes, and landscapes to people. When asked about her passion for painting, Deborah frequently uses the words "color" and "love." In a nutshell, Deborah is moved and inspired by color, and this love affair with color extends to her use of a 32-color palette!

Deborah enjoys the challenge of realism and the constant problem solving that each new painting presents. "I enjoy bringing special details into view for people who don't ordinarily see them." Deborah has spent her entire lifetime in art, beginning with her work in watercolors, then pastels, and eventually in oil, her favorite medium. Her approach stems from a life-long love and admiration for quality and longevity in technique and materials. She has studied extensively for the part 10 years, taking courses at G.Washington University, Anne Arundel Community College, as well as The Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore,MD.

Deborah is a long-time resident of the Annapolis area, and currently resides in Stevensville, Maryland with her husband, Stephen.

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